Uploading (Not) an e-book

My goal Tuesday was to get a book that was originally published by Bantam’s Loveswept up on Amazon as an e-book. This shouldn’t have been a difficult task. Last winter I’d retyped the story, following the formatting guidelines for the Kindle. Three weeks ago I created a cover for the book. I’d already created a blurb for the story, had proofread the ms, and felt it was ready to go. Oh, and my husband is in Florida, so I had the day to myself.

Or sort of.

I had made an appointment with a groomer to have Zuri bathed and his nails trimmed, but I didn’t feel that would be a problem. I was to drop him off at one o’clock and pick him up at five. That alone gave me four hours of uninterrupted work time.

What I didn’t consider is how much time Life takes.

The day started out all right: I was up at seven, took Zuri outside for a quick pee, fed him, fixed myself coffee and some breakfast and watched a bit of news. When Zuri wanted to go for his “long” walk earlier than usual, I figured that was great…it would give me a longer block of uninterrupted time.

But then the text messages and phone calls started. I needed to talk to my son-in-law, and what I’d planned on being a short call ended up being longer than expected. And then there was my husband. I think I goofed when he asked if I missed him…and I paused too long. I decided then I’d better talk to him as long as he wanted. Next a neighbor called and invited me to dinner. I declined for that night, but did accept for Thursday night. And, again, it really is a bit rude to say, “Okay, thanks for the invitation, good-bye.) So we talked for a while.

By then I felt I needed to check my e-mails, and I discovered that a writer I’ve been trying to get together with for a week had emailed me that she’d be available at one o’clock,  How about me? Well, I set the time for one fifteen, and after dropping off the dog, I met my friend at a local coffee shop. And we talked, and talked, and talked. It was great talking to her; it was also now two thirty.

During my “uninterrupted” hours, I did do a modification on the book’s cover (added that it was a romantic suspense), and I gave the ms one more quick check, and then saved it as a filtered HTML (whatever that means). I reread the book’s description and decided that needed a little more work, so I studied how some other e-books were described and then went back and worked on mine. And I made a list of tags to use so readers could find the book if searching for a story that involved special effects, an eye doctor, an Oscar winning special effects creator who’d been accused of murder, a town in the Sierra Nevada, or domestic violence.

All was going well until I realized it was time to pick up my dog, and I discovered while bathing him, they’d dislodged a scab he had on his back leg, and they’d had to put a bandage on the area since it kept bleeding. That would have been fine, but the bandage only stayed on for an hour after I brought Zuri home (Don’t ask me how he got it off), and he was now bleeding all over the carpet. So you know what I was doing for part of the evening. Wonder Dust seems to have stopped the bleeding, and I’m hoping all those wet spots on the carpet dry without leaving a stain. After that, I decided to call it a day. So my goal for today is: Upload an e-book.

If you look for HAUNTED (originally titled Dark Temptation) on Amazon, you’ll know if I succeeded.

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9 Responses to Uploading (Not) an e-book

  1. Sue Merrell says:

    Sounds like my days every time I try to do something “easy.”

  2. Vicki Batman says:

    Oh dear, Life does happen. Crossing fingers for today!

    • Maris says:

      Well, I think it’s on its way to being an e-book, but once I clicked on that publish button, I realized I had a mistake in the description and I would like to change the way the first page appears. Oh well, I hope I can make those corrections in the near future.

  3. Diane Burton says:

    This post is proof positive that everything takes longer than we think it does. It’s just hard to go with the flow, isn’t it?

  4. Yay, I did find it on Amazon! Love the cover. Congrats on getting it done. Seems to me that whatever time I do have, something comes along to fill it, and it isn’t what I’d intended. Glad you got to reach your goal today.

    • Maris says:

      Thanks, Lucy. I’m glad you like the cover. That’s my son, and also my first attempt (with the help of a professional) at creating a cover. I did pull the file this morning so I could fix that first page (title page), but it should be available again sometime today.

  5. Ah Life. It is what happens while we are making other plans. It’s the so called easy tasks that always get ya! Off now to find you on Amazon!

  6. Maris says:

    You probably didn’t find the book this morning, Margo. I decided to make a couple of changes, which meant I needed to reload the file. I’m hoping it’s back up this afternoon.