While the Husband’s Away

My husband has been gone for 12 days. I have missed him, but I’ve also enjoyed being able to work any time I wanted, watch girlie movies, eat whenever and whatever I wanted, and make a mess of the condo.

And boy, have I made a mess.

The dining table is covered with my laptop, printer, boxes of Christmas cards, Christmas paper for my “annual letter” and lists of friends and family. Our extra bedroom is filled with Christmas gifts waiting to be wrapped and papers I need to shred. The living room couch has recipe books covering a third of its space. (I need to fix something for the party Saturday. But what?) And our bedroom has a pile of bills that need to be paid along with clothes and shoes I’m pulling out of the closet that I want to take to Florida when we leave in three and a half weeks.

In 2 days husband will be home, and I need to get this place looking presentable.

Oh my!

Also, by the time he’s home, I hope to have AS THE CROW FLIES uploaded and available as an e-book for Kindle. (And maybe even on Smashwords.com.)

Have a good week. I need to get to work cleaning this place.

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10 Responses to While the Husband’s Away

  1. Diane Burton says:

    Your spare bedroom looks a lot like mine. LOL Good luck getting everything ready.

  2. Misty Dietz says:

    Lol…Maris, your me-time sounds awesome, although 12 days is a long time! I’m sure I’d have a fine mess too! Good luck with AS THE CROW FLIES! 🙂

    • Maris says:

      Thanks, Misty. I am looking forward to Bill’s return. As for AS THE CROW FLIES, I haven’t uploaded it yet. It’s on my to-do list for tomorrow or Saturday.

  3. Sometimes it’s fun making the mess; not so much cleaning it up. But while it lasts, enjoy! Then good luck. 😉

  4. Isn’t it great to be at that point where we all have an extra bedroom? Lovely. And all you really have to do is close the door. Great post, Maris.

  5. Paula Geister says:

    It’s times like that, when I have to clean up, I hear the William Tell overture playing! I hope you get it all cleaned up, but I’m sure Bill will understand.

    • Maris says:

      I hope he understands. It’s Thursday evening and the place is still a mess. I have gifts to wrap and mail, cards to finish. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawgh.