Writing a Blurb

I’m in the process of writing a blurb for the book I just finished. Blurbs and synopses, in my opinion, are as difficult (or maybe more difficult) as writing a book. In a limited number of words, I need to convey enough of the story to entice readers to want to purchase the book. Or, if the blurb is used in a query letter, entice an agent or editor to request the manuscript.

Any time you upload a book (e-book or paperback) to Amazon, IngramSpark, Nook, Draft2Digital, Apple Books, etc., a short description of the plot is required. In some cases this blurb might be very short. 150 words. Or fairly long. 500 words. Whatever the word (or character) requirement, it’s not always easy to take an 80k-150k novel and summarize it in a few hundred words. What is included or not included is important.

What I’ve decided I need to do is simply start by writing down words or phrases that I might want to include in the blurb or synopsis. Here are some of what I think might work in a blurb for this new book.

Nine months pregnant.

Priority is— her unborn child. her unborn baby. her unborn baby girl.(use one of these)

Overhears a former co-worker’s phone conversation. Hears a friend say she’s been threatened and followed. Less than an hour later, her friend is killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Police call it an accident. P.J. knows it was intentional. She feels she let her friend down.

Her husband tells her to let law enforcement handle it.

P.J.’s curiosity often gets her in trouble.

P.J. fear having this child will bring on schizophrenia, as it did with her mother.

Did someone steal her thumb drive? Did someone try to run her off the road? Or is she going crazy?

What information was her friend bringing to the caller on the other end of the conversation?

What would be important enough to kill to keep quiet?

Okay, that’s a start for me. Now I need to look at the above (and any other thoughts I might add) and decide what I should use and what can be omitted.

What method do you use when writing a blurb?

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3 Responses to Writing a Blurb

  1. John Clarke says:

    Note from an entirely unqualified person:
    Equally important as a blurb is the title.
    Also consider quoting the first sentence which should be as enticing as the whole blurb anyway.
    I’d bet that 50 percent of readers don’t bother beyond the title and that first sentence.

    And Good Luck!

  2. pataverbach says:

    I don’t use that technique – but I will from now on.