I’m Celebrating

Tomorrow, October 22nd, A KILLER PAST will be available as an e-book. No, this isn’t a new book, but for over two years Mary Harrington’s story in e-book fashion has been missing, and its disappearance is a good example of how little control most authors have over their books.

Originally, A KILLER PASTwas published in 2015 by Hale Books (a British publisher) and released as a hardcover and an e-book. All went well (other than the cover price for the hardcover was quite high). The reviews were good and over the next three years several book clubs picked  A KILLER PAST to read. But then, in 2018, a friend emailed me and said the e-book wasn’t available—anywhere.

That was when I discovered Hale Books had been bought out by another British publishers. The hardcover copy inventory was slowly being depleted and there were no e-books available. I quickly asked for the paperback rights to revert to me, and once I had those, I self-published a paperback edition of the book. I also asked for the e-book rights but did not receive those. Another publisher did: Joffe Books. ( http://www.Joffebooks.com )

First I was told Joffe Books was reviewing the inventory they’d obtained and would let me know if they would be publishing A KILLER PAST as an e-book; then, when they let me know it would be republished, I was told it would go through another edit (I haven’t seen if they made any changes) and would receive a new cover (which I like. It’s brighter and easier to see). Finally, I was told it would be released in October 2020.

Once I had that news, I set up a small blog tour and waited for the exact release date. And waited. And waited.

Thank goodness the bloggers who will feature A KILLER PAST have been wonderful. Each of the original dates we set up had to be changed, but finally, I was given October 22nd as the release date, and I do have a blogging schedule.

The e-book edition of A KILLER PAST will be released on October 22nd

I hope

If you’re curious, on Thursday, October 22nd, go to Amazon.com and search for A KILLER PAST+MARIS SOULE. If all went well, you’ll see a few hardcovers are still for sale (at a much lower price now), some used copies, the paperback, and (I HOPE) the e-book.

And then on:

Friday, October 23rd, visit https://thoniehevron.com/mystery-readers-only-blog/ and see how I came up with the idea for a story about a woman in her seventies who was an assassin in her twenties.

Tuesday, October 27th, visit http://www.alyssa-alexander.com/blognews/ and see what someone who was an assassin in her twenties would be like in her seventies.


Friday, November 27th, visit https://anastasiapollack.blogspot.com/ and hear Mary Harrington tell you what happened when two gang members tried to mug her the night before Halloween.

I hope you enjoy.

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8 Responses to I’m Celebrating

  1. Wow, Maris..Congratulations! However, I do understand why publishers hesitate to do ebooks. Frankly, there’s little money to go around. All my books are at Amazon.com in print, ebook and 3 are on the audible in audio. The 3 on audible sell much better. For one thing, you have to be vigilant in promoting without a publisher, and Amazon makes more money than the author even if they don’t sell, because you add to their advertising and click numbers. It’s complicated, but since I’ve been unable to spend time and money marketing in the last months, it’s been tough. Having said that, you already have a great following and a lot of readers for your great books, so you no doubt will have great success with this campaign. I’m anxious to see how it turns out. I will definitely download it onto my Kindle. I have a new book coming and am courting a publisher, so this was a great blog to consider. Thank you.

    • Maris Soule says:

      Clarice, in this case it wasn’t that the publisher hesitated doing an e-book. They had just taken over the original publishers list and were deciding which books they wanted to continue publishing. I’m glad A KILLER PAST made the cut. I think the e-book will do well. I do wish I had an audio version of the book.

  2. Diane Burton says:

    Congrats on the “new” release. I loved this story. Mary’s life certainly isn’t what it seems, at first. Wishing you more success with A Killer Past.

  3. Maris,

    Congrats. It’s great that the novel will have a reincarnation. Wish you much success.

    • Maris Soule says:

      Thanks, Jacqueline. I’m especially please that A KILLER PAST will once again be available as an ebook. This is a story I love, and I know there are some readers who prefer to read on electronic devices.

  4. Lucy Kubash says:

    I’m so glad the new publisher decided to reissue A Killer Past. Best of luck with lots of new sales!