The Gun Range

Short blog today. I’m in Orlando, Florida at Sleuthfest 2012, a mystery writers’ conference put on by the Florida MWA Chapter. Actually the conference doesn’t begin until tomorrow, but I came a day early to go to the gun range.

I can say this, I’ve shot guns (a little 9mm and a 22), but this time I was handed a revolver that I could barely lift, and it took all of my strength to pull the trigger. (When it was cocked for a single shot, I did better.) I shot off ten rounds, but I had to stop three times because my wrists were so tired I couldn’t hold the gun.

The Glock was easier to handle (less metal, more plastic in the gun), but it had a kick, and it jammed once. The instructor said the jam was probably because I didn’t have a firm grip. I think he was right. After trying to shoot that revolver, my hands were tired.

Anyway, we had to wear ear guards, which was a good idea because those guns are loud, especially in an enclosed space, and we also had to wear safety glasses. With the glasses over my glasses, and the ear guards over my ears and thos glasses, the pressure on my temples was terrible. I’m just now getting over the headache. (A glass of wine helped.)

All in all it was a fun experience, and certainly made me appreciate those who handle and shoot guns on a regular basis. (And yes, I did hit the target. I wasn’t great, but my guy would have died.)

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2 Responses to The Gun Range

  1. Mia says:

    Way to go, Mom! You’re the coolest Mom ever! 🙂

  2. Grace Kone says:

    From my experiences with the Sarasota Sheriff’s Dept classes, I know exactly what you mean. I could fire a Glock but couldn’t budge the trigger on a revolver. I was supposed to be doing one of those “shoot only the bad guys” videos and I was unable to get off a single shot. (Did better with the guns at Quantico, thank goodness (no revolvers).) But I’m scheduled for training at the Orlando gun range on March 10 and maybe if I use both index fingers on the trigger . . .