10 Things I Learned at Sleuthfest

1) The best thing you can do to sell your book is write a REALLY GOOD BOOK.

a) Word of mouth is your best sales tool.

2) Advertising (in whatever form you choose) is going to be 99% on your shoulders.


3) You need to organize your time so you don’t spend too much time on social media.           

a) You are a writer first—so write.

4) Social media is social. It’s not “Buy my book, buy my book!”

a) Be sociable: respond to posts and post information that’s interesting, fun, or educational.

5) If you’re going to self-publish, hire an editor to vet content as well as line edit.

a) Even the best writers have others read their work prior to submission. (Qualified readers.)

6) The independent editor (They’re not calling them book doctors) is becoming as important as publishers and agents.

            a) Check out prices

            b) Go to writers’ groups and ask for recommendations.

7) Most writers can format for Kindle or Smashwords—just follow the guidelines

a) If you don’t feel you can do it, there are people you can hire.

b) Again, go to writers’ groups and ask for suggestions and compare prices.

8) Join Kindle’s Forums

            a) You can get answers to your questions along with PR ideas

            b) Doing so will get your name known.

9) Putting a book on Amazon’s Select Program and giving it away free for a couple days seems to increase sales.

 a) You can only offer it free for 5 days in the 90 day period, but you can stagger those days. (2 one month, 2 another…)

10) Putting short stories , recipes, patterns, information related to your book or series on Kindle and giving these away free or selling them for .99 cents helps sales.

Actually I learned a lot more, but I’ll post that information next week.


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