On The Road Again

Two more days and we’re heading north. I’m going to miss the sunshine and constant warmth, but it will be great to be close to family and friends. And don’t feel sorry for me, I’m leaving one beautiful location to go to another beautiful location, and soon it will be summer…days of sunshine and warmth.

In ten more days I’ll be attending RETREAT FROM HARSH REALITY, the Mid-Michigan RWA chapter’s annual event. http://www.midmichiganrwa.org/retreat.html Eileen Dreyer is the guest speaker this year. She’d not only a marvelous writer, she’s a lot of fun to be around, so I’m really looking forward to the event. If you live in Michigan or are within driving distance, you really should check into this retreat. Every year they have marvelous speakers, and I always go away inspired.

I feel my time in Florida was well spent. During these three and a half months I attended Sleuthfest (in Orlando), finished a suspense that I’ve started sending out to agents, finally figured out how to use Amazon’s Create Space so THE CROWS is now available as a paperback http://www.amazon.com/The-Crows-P-J-Benson-Mystery/dp/1467919306/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1334773995&sr=1-3, and almost have one of my former Loveswept’s (a romantic suspense) ready to put up as an e-book. I’ve also been working on the outline for the third “Crows” book and should be ready to start writing that next month.

So for now it’s “Happy Trails.” See you next week.


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5 Responses to On The Road Again

  1. Wow! You’ve had a busy Florida winter. Will be good to see you at Retreat. Have a safe trip home.

  2. Diane Burton says:

    You have been busy! Florida’s warmth must really agree with you. 🙂 Hope you have a safe trip home. Looking forward to seeing you at retreat.

  3. Happy trails, Maris! Look forward to seeing you at retreat!


  4. Delano says:

    Good Question: I’ve been busy for 3 month trying to craete a web page and indie publish my 3rd book in a series. I have had no time to write and I don’t like it. I know all this social net working stuff is supposed to help sales. John Locke who wrote the ebook How I Sold 1 Million ebooks in 5 months (best $5 I’ve ever spent) Blogs and Tweets, but only blogs about once a month. Some good advice in here, pick what works for you. Good luck with you WIP. Judy L. Tayor writing the Cindy Nesbit series as J. Lee Taylor