3 Responses to Writer Beware Blog

  1. Diana Stout says:

    I’ve been receiving their blog for years. It’s both sad and frightening to see their summary list at the end of each year, seeing the number of scammers out there and knowing so many writers got burned. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Paula Geister says:

    I’ve had no bad experiences with entering contests (yet). I entered the Erma Bombeck workshop’s essay contest for humor. Although I didn’t win, I received a favorable response via email from a member of the readers’ committee.

    I’ve subscribed to Writers and Poets Magazine’s email newsletter for years. They occasionally include a list of current writing contests, which include access to the respective websites for access to rules and submission guidelines. This is the only source, other than the publisher/magazine itself that I trust to give accurate information. There may be other sources, but I have no current knowledge of them.

    Thanks again for providing practical and useful advice. Here’s the link to Poets and Writers Magazine. (‘Writing Contests’ is a link under ‘Publish Your Writing’ in the header.) It may not be of interest to everyone, but offers contests for books of fiction and non-fiction.