What Happens AT MIDNIGHT?

This week, Lainee Cole is visiting my blog to talk about AT MIDNIGHT, an anthology that she’s in.

Welcome, Lainee. Tell me about AT MIDNIGHT

 AT MIDNIGHT includes three love stories: Midnight Casanova, written by me, Lainee Cole; Two Days Until Midnight, by Lynn Crandall; and Midnight Deadline for Love, by Rena Koontz. Each story features an approaching deadline.


So, tell me a bit about these love stories.

As I said, my story is titled Midnight Casanova.

Stranded at midnight by a broken-down car, dog trainer Maddie Lockhart finds refuge in a deserted farmhouse. When the owner of the house, Chance Marlow, tries to oust her, Maddie uses the stray mutt he calls Casanova to convince him she can help with his collection of homeless animals. While their paths seem incompatible, working side-by-side to rescue animals, they discover otherwise.

Sounds interesting. What about the other two stories in AT MIDNIGHT?

They are:

Two Days Until Midnight by Lynn Crandall

Time is running out for reclusive billionaire Tamier Rein to save himself from transforming into a cheetah, and bird-shifter Lark Ellis is his only hope for surviving past midnight. 


Midnight Deadline for Love by Rena Koontz

T.B. Amanscott is Harrison City’s wealthiest man and his kidnappers want one million dollars ransom by midnight or they will kill him. Every possible resource is available to Sergeant Ariana Jeanne Lozione, who is heading up the rescue attempt. There’s only one problem. A.J. wants him dead.

Wow, all of the stories sound interesting. When and where will the anthology be released?

AT MIDNIGHT will be released on October 2nd and readers will be able to find a copy at: Amazon

***In fact AT MIDNIGHT is available for pre-order now for $.99 on Amazon***

Lainee, how did this anthology come about? What led you to write Midnight Casanova? Are you a dog trainer?

Lainee Cole

Lynn and Rena were discussing possible anthology themes. Lynn mentioned that I might be interested as well. The three of us are former Prairie Hearts RWA chapter members who have kept in touch, and I value their friendships. They’ve encouraged me to continue writing and pursue publication so I was very excited when they invited me to participate!

 We agreed on “midnight” as the theme for our anthology, with “midnight” playing a significant role in each story. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a series of short-stories centered on shelter dogs, so I decided to combine the two, and Midnight Casanova was the result. I grew up with dogs, mostly lovable mutts. I miss having a dog, but it would be unfair to adopt one when I’m not home enough to give it the attention it deserves. No, I’m not a dog trainer, but my sister is close. She teaches obedience, herding clinics, and search and rescue with her border collies so she has been a great resource for me as I write the shelter dog stories.

Thanks, Lainee, for letting me know about AT MIDNIGHT. It certainly sounds like something I’d like to read.

More information about Lainee I can be found at:     https://www.facebook.com/LaineeColeAuthor/
Twitter: @LaineeCole

All three authors can be found on Twitter: @LaineeCole  @lcrandallwriter  @RenaKoontz

If anyone would like more information about AT MIDNIGHT, leave a comment and Lainee will try to answer you.


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12 Responses to What Happens AT MIDNIGHT?

  1. Melissa Keir says:

    Sounds like a wonderful set. I love reading sets because I can always find a new to me author!! All the best!

  2. This sounds like an excellent anthology. Congrats!

  3. Lainee Cole says:

    Maris, thank you for having me on your blog today. I’m really excited about this anthology!

    • Maris Soule says:

      My pleasure, Lainee. I could tell you were excited about it when you contacted me, and now that I’ve read the snippets of the stories, I can understand why you’re excited. I hope all of you ladies do very well.

  4. It was great working with you, Lainee! I love our stories.

  5. Lainee,
    I have a Teaser Newsletter I’d love to feature your anthology. on my webpage http://www.samanthyawyatt.com
    shoot me an email.