Unmet Goals

I believe in setting goals, and I believe in meeting those goals, if at all possible. I try to set goals that I’m sure I can achieve. Oh, there’s always that “dream” goal of making the New York Times list, but I really have my doubts that will ever occur. No, my “real” goals
aren’t that lofty, but over the years I’ve discovered if I don’t set a goal I can really waste time.

Anyway, the above is my way of saying the goal I set to blog every Wednesday seemed like a reasonable goal when I made it, but this summer I’ve failed to meet that goal more times than I like to admit. I’ve missed the last two Wednesdays.

I’ve discovered when you’re in pain, and especially if you’re taking pain medication, the creative juices just don’t flow. I will remember the summer of 2012 as my summer of pain. First my fall that not only gave me a compression fracture but also showed me how sensitive a tailbone can be and how weak my core muscles are, then my encounter with a nest of yellow jackets (the itching that lasted for a week after I was stung was actually
worse than the multiple stings), and finally some oral surgery I’d put off as long as I could.

Seems like all I’ve done this summer is visit doctors, do physical therapy, and pop pills. I’m hoping that’s all behind me and I can accomplish more this fall. I’m really looking forward to attending the Writers’ Police Academy on the 20th of September. (http://www.writerspoliceacademy.com/). I know some of you have attended and raved about the experience. Right now I have my fingers crossed regarding the Killer Nashville 2012 Claymore Award. (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/7th-annual-killer-nashville-conference-164900448.html) I’m one of ten finalists. I love the story I entered, so I hope it does well.

Tune in next week and see how it did.

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6 Responses to Unmet Goals

  1. Sorry you’ve had such a bummer summer. Hope you’re on the road to recovery now and can maybe join us for lunch next month sometimes. I know all about missed goals and many times it is just because I forget to prioritize. I used to be good at doing that, not so much now. Look forward to hearing about your police academy experience and also good luck in the Claymore Awards. That’s awesome you’re a finalist!

  2. Diane Burton says:

    Whoa. What a rotten summer you’ve had. And I thought the heat was bad enough. I hope you get feeling better soon and are able to enjoy what’s left of summer and into the fall. Congrats on being a finalist in the Claymore Awards!

    You’re right about setting goals. It’s something to shoot for, even though sometimes we miss. Without goals, I would flounder and waste time. Revisiting goals is always a good idea. They are a reminder of where we want to go and help us get back on track.

    All the best, Diane

  3. Annette says:

    Bummer that you’ve had such a painful summer. The trouble with goal setting is that they sometimes conflict with our deepest priorities. I have a goal to finish one story and market one story and market an old one. BUT, sometimes you can’t say “no” to opportunities that may never come again in your private life. Husbands, children, grandchildren, etc. are our underpinnings. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

    Please get well and write, write, write. Annette

  4. Lyla Fox says:

    You are far too generous and kind to have had such a rotten summer. Fall is in the air; take a whiff of that fresh Michigan air and get going. Your goals inform and inspire me! Love the post and am sending it to Betty. Take care and onward to your NYT bestseller!

    • Maris says:

      Thanks, Lyla. You are being the generous one. I mean, here I am, plotting how to kill people, and you call me kind? But you’re right. Fall is in the air, and I’m living in a beautiful location where I can enjoy every day.