Rebirth of THE CROWS

Coming soon: The Crows by Maris Soule

Of course The Crows had its initial birth December 2007 as a hardcover published by Five Star mysteries. Then, about a year and a half later, it had a rebirth as an audio book put out by BooksinMotion. And, of course, once I had the rights back, The Crows became available as an e-book.

 That should be enough copies, right? Well, I’ve discovered it isn’t. Although used copies of the hardcover version are available, ranging in price from a few dollars to eighty some dollars, the book itself is out of print, and I don’t have any more copies to sell. Readers who buy and/or read As the Crow Flies, the second book in the P.J. Benson series, who haven’t read The Crows have been asking where they can get the first book. If they own an e-reader, I tell them to buy the e-book, but there are still many readers who prefer to hold a book in their hands, turn pages, and smell print.

 For several months now I’ve been checking publishers/printers who could create a trade paperback version of The Crows. I finally decided to go with the gorilla in the room: Amazon’s CreateSpace.

 One reason I chose CreateSpace is there’s no upfront cost. The writer must do most of the work, but what that involves is going through the program’s step by step process to upload a print-ready file, a cover, decide on a cost, and decide where/how the book should be marketed. Since I’d already uploaded the file for the e-book market, I only had to make a few revisions and that part was done. Getting a cover was more difficult. I didn’t need just the front of the book, but the front, side, and back. Moreover, I really wanted the same cover that had been on the hardcover version. That meant I had to get permission from the cover artist.

 That took the most time, not because those artists are slow, but because once I was quoted what it would cost me to use that original cover, I had to decide if I wanted to spend that much money. For a while I thought I’d save money and try something on my own, something close to what the original cover looked like. After all, I majored in art in college. How difficult could it be?

 I forgot how long it’s been since I’ve done any serious painting, and I’d never tackled a full cover (front/side/back). A few tries on my part and I decided to write the check.

 Today I ordered my “proof” of the trade paperback version of The Crows. It should be delivered next week. That’s when I’ll see how all of this looks. I’m hoping I did everything right. If I did, the rebirth of The Crows will be complete. I feel like an expectant mom.

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3 Responses to Rebirth of THE CROWS

  1. Annette says:

    You are such a busy bee, Maris. I love it when authors are empowered to keep their work available.
    Keep up the good work., Annette

  2. Diane Burton says:

    Maris, that is so cool. Congratulations on your venture.

  3. That’s exciting, Maris! And I think it’s great to have these opportunities.