Love is Murder

Others have given summaries of the LIM conference held last weekend (Feb. 1-3) in Chicago, so I’ll just touch on a few points. If you’re on Facebook, do a search for the Love is Murder page. 245 pictures were posted covering the three-day conference. Pictures do tell a story.

On Friday, there were Master Classes (Writing for Television with Lee Goldberg and Writing Poisons by David Ciambrone) as well as MWA track session (Dialog, Characters, Manuscript submission, and Promotion). There were sessions for new writers, seasoned writers, and writers interested in learning more about guns and shooting, money laundering, and a variety of other topics.

On Saturday the panels continued, covering a variety of topics, the day ending with an author signing, dinner and the presentation of the Lovey Awards.  Entertainment Saturday night was provided by Those Were the Days Radio Players. Those who didn’t go listen to the radio show met in the bar. Even if you’re only drinking soda, that’s where writers often end up.

On Sunday morning, after a hot breakfast, and a panel presented by the Deadly Dames, there were more sessions and finally a Mystery Writers of America (MWA) meeting.

The conference isn’t cheap. This year the three-day event cost $349.00, but that included two dinners, two lunches and two breakfasts. The hotel isn’t cheap, either, but by using the conference code the cost was less than the normal fee, and if you shared a room, it was reasonable.

Someone in the Mid-Michigan RWA chapter I belong to asked the value to attending a conference. That’s something every writers, no matter where in his/her career, must decide. LIM had experts in screenwriting, the military, law enforcement, and weapons. These people were easy to approach and could answer all sorts of questions. There were editors and agents who were taking pitches. Award winning authors gave promotional advice as well as writing basics. Panels discussed the promotional ideas, the merits of the various e-book publishers, and how to format an ebook. A conference brochure gave attendees a chance to list their books as well as see others writing in the same genre. The bookstore on site willingly sold copies of attendees’ books.

Was it worth it for me to fly from Florida to Chicago to attend? I hope so. I know I was certainly glad I was flying back to the warm weather after the conference. Brr, it was cold up north.

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3 Responses to Love is Murder

  1. vicki batman says:

    Good post. I wish there was a LIM conference where I live. Yours sounded very interesting.

  2. Maris,
    Sounds like braving the cold was well worth it. Bet you appreciate Florida more than ever now. Glad you had a good time.

  3. Lucy Kubash says:

    Sounds like an interesting and informative conference. I think anytime you can network or just hang out with other writers, it’s a good thing! But I don’t blame you for being happy to escape back to the warm weather.