First Pages Prize

I recently received information about a contest being conducted by Stockholm Writers Festival. The prizes are great. If you’re unagented and have something unpublished (whether you’ve been published or not), check this contest out.

Good evening from Stockholm!, 
Once again we are running the First Pages Prize, a literary contest for writers worldwide, in conjunction with the Stockholm Writers Festival and supported by The de Groot Foundation.
I’d be so grateful if you might share this in any way you wish, in a newsletter, on your site, in a post on social media, or forward this to writers who may be interested.
All my best, 
Lizzie Harwood, author and board member of SWF

The First Pages Prize is open for submissions for the first 5 pages (1,250 words maximum) of a longer work of fiction or creative non-fiction.

Three winners each receive a cash prize and partial developmental editing to support the completion of their manuscript with US$1,000 for 1st place, US$750 for 2nd, and US$500 for 3rd. In addition, 1st and 2nd place winners are invited to attend the main program of the 2019 Stockholm Writers Festival with a stipend dependent on geography to assist in traveling to Stockholm, Sweden.

Open worldwide, the competition is for writers who are currently unagented, whether previously published or unpublished. Entries must be unpublished, original and written in English.

The prize’s judge is Paul McVeigh. Prizes are supported by The de Groot Foundation and Stockholm Writers Festival.

Regardless of genre, works will be judged on overall craftsmanship, originality and a sense of story emerging. Our judges should be compelled to read more.

Entries close February 3, 2019 and winners are notified by or before March 23. Prize presentation will be on May 3, 2019 during the Stockholm Writers’ Festival. For full guidelines and to enter, visit or Submittable 

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8 Responses to First Pages Prize

  1. Funny…it says FREE admission in one place. $25 in another.

  2. joan ramirez says:

    This is so kind of you to let people know about. I enjoy your posts.
    Happy Holidays.
    joan ramirez, author

  3. Maris, I’ve entered this competition and think it’s a great opportunity for unagented (is that a word?) writers, but there is an entry fee. Each entry costs $25.00. Sorry, no free lunch.

    • Maris Soule says:

      Yes, I have gone in and eliminated the “free” part from the blog and sent correction notices out. Sorry about that. But really, no free lunch? Darn.

  4. Dear Maris, Thank you for sharing news of our competition, the First Pages Prize. Yes, regrettably there is a fee. And we invented the word “unagented” I think.
    Wishing the best to all entrants!
    Kind regards

    • Maris Soule says:

      Actually, Lizzie, I was wondering how you could offer such great prizes without having a fee. I thought you had a very generous benefactor supporting the contest. That said, $25 isn’t an unreasonable amount.