Fabulous Florida Writers

My summer is ending with a couple unexpected but neat events.

#1. In 2017 the publicist I’d hired sent out press releases for Echoes of Terror, and I received a response from Jackie Minniti, who writes “Fabulous Florida Writers,” a monthly column for The Island Reporter, a paper that covers the South Gulf Beaches in the St. Petersburg area.

Jackie interviewed me by phone and even allowed me to read the article before it was released. At the time, she mentioned she also writes a blog, Fabulous Florida Writers, and that once the article about me appeared in the paper my name would go into a queue for the blog. (She did say there was usually a 12-18 month wait unless I had a new release.)

After the article came out, Echoes of Terror won the Mystery and Suspense category of the Florida Writers’ Associations’ Royal Palm Literary Competition, but I haven’t had any new releases since 2017, so, basically I forgot Jackie’s comment about the blogspot . . . until last week.

“I just checked my calendar,” Jackie Minniti wrote, “and you’re next up to be featured on my Fabulous Florida Writers blog.”

I’m scheduled for her blog Sunday, September 1. www.fabulous floridawriters.blogspot.com

If you think of it, take a look. (In that blog, I tell a little about the 4th P.J. Benson Mystery)

#2. My second surprise this summer was learning that my former publisher, FiveStar/Cengage, was giving up the e-book rights for Eat Crow and Die and Echoes of Terror. According to the initial email from the publisher, those rights would begin reverting to me after December 31, 2019. Since I had planned on asking for those rights, I went ahead and emailed the publisher, and asked if I could have my rights back now.

On August 22, 2019, the e-book rights for Eat Crow and Die and Echoes of Terror officially reverted to me.

Of course, now Five Star will pull them (the e-books will no longer be available on Amazon, etc.), and I’ll have to get them out as e-books. That also means having covers for them since the rights for the covers are owned by the cover designers. In my case, HighPinesCreative.com designed all of my Five Star covers.

Soooo . . . . . I contacted the artists at High Pines Creative, and we have come to an agreement on cost for the rights to those covers (a cost I find reasonable), and I’ll probably use them to create a cover for this 4th book in the P.J. Benson Mystery series.

Now I need to get those ebooks out and finish my work-in-progress. Hmm, I think it’s going to be a busy fall.

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4 Responses to Fabulous Florida Writers

  1. Wow! How exciting, Maris. Congratulations!

  2. Joseph Novara says:

    Great news on both fronts…