Best Laid Plans

I’ll admit it. I make lists. I’m more of a plotter than a pantser. I plan my day. I set goals.

The problem is—Life gets in the way.

Today my list included (1) send .jpegs of ebook covers to my virtual assistant, (2) write a blog about talking heads, (3) work on current work-in-progress, (4) Tweet a line from Echoes of Terror to #1lineWed @RWAKissofDeath, (5) read and respond to emails, Facebook comments, and Tweets, (6) put ebook covers onto my Pinterest site, and…

Today a cousin from Connecticut called. He and his wife and their two boys will be here in 45 minutes.

New list: (1) clean guest bathroom, (2) pick up all the magazines, papers, shoes, etc, cluttering the living room, (3) wash breakfast dishes, (4) wash off table on outside deck, (5) see if I have any snacks to offer, and… (6) forget my other plans.

Next week, if all goes as planned, I’ll write about “Talking Heads.”

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4 Responses to Best Laid Plans

  1. Best of luck with your unexpected visitors!

  2. Melissa Keir says:

    I hear you about life. I hope you have fun with your family. Sometimes taking the time for family is more important than to do lists. After all, when we are dead and gone, are we going to regret the to do lists or the missing family. 🙂

  3. Paula says:

    With list in hand, I set out to accomplish much and, oh boy, do I love checking off those little boxes.
    I’d just finished the next to last errand when I stumbled over a curb, crashing onto the pavement of the parking lot. I had definitely fallen and couldn’t get up. Some kind people came along and helped me get into my van. (Cut to the chase…)
    I ended up in the ER at Bronson with a broken fibula at the point where it meets the ankle.
    I am grateful that most of the work I do either requires reading or writing. I can sit down. However, that last errand is still waiting and I’m in a position of canceling all my volunteer activities until the orthopedic surgeon makes his assessment and prescribes the next step. However, I am also grateful that that appointment with him is for tomorrow.
    You always seem to write a timely post for at least one of us, Maris. thank you.

  4. Lucy Kubash says:

    Sometimes I think there are little gremlins just lurking behind every corner, waiting to sabotage our plans. Someone has a to-do list? They are there to interfere as best they can. But there’s always tomorrow.