A Little Bit of This . . .

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I have been working on so many things lately, my mind is a jumble. Last Friday I thought I had my previously published romance, LYON’S PRIDE, ready to upload to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Actually I did upload the file, but then I started reading through the preview (before hitting the PUBLISH button) and I discovered a slew of mistakes I’d missed. Little mistakes, but the kind that catch a reader’s eye and pull the reader out of the story. (A missing quote mark, a typo that totally changed the tense of a verb and another that changed the meaning of a word.)

So it was back to the file and another read through. I hope I caught all of the errors. (But I wouldn’t bet on it.) There are times when we simply see what we want to see.

After I uploaded the cleaner version of the file and did click PUBLISH, I went onto Amazon to see how the book looked. Wouldn’t you know it, there are three other books titled Lyon’s Pride, two of them written by Anne McCaffrey (a well-known scifi author) and all three are listed before my book.

(By the way, I also received a message today from Ricardo at Reedsy.com saying he saw a blog I posted a few years ago about titles. At Reedsy.com they’ve come up with a book title generator https://blog.reedsy.com/book-title-generator/  that he wanted me to mention. So I’m mentioning it. Some of the titles were funny, and no, I’m not endorsing the site.)

Okay, back to my books. I wanted to see how Lyon’s Pride was listed with the rest of my books, so I typed in my name and started scrolling down the page. Halfway down were two books I didn’t write. Sponsored books. How nice. I found four sponsored books on each page of listings. Some looked pretty interesting. Oh, wait, this is supposed to be a listing of my books.

What was really strange was the pricing of some of my books. I know these are third party sales, but $690.55 for a hardcover copy of As the Crow Flies? Really? The other day I saw a used copy of one of my books for over a thousand dollars. It wasn’t there today. Did someone really buy it? I doubt it.

Today I uploaded the file for Lyon’s Pride to D2D (Draft2Digital) without any problems. Feeling pretty proud of myself, I decided to upload the file to Smashwords. I guess I should have read the guidelines again. (It’s been a couple years since I uploaded a file there.) First I had my descriptions too long for their requirements, so I had to rework those. Then I discovered they didn’t like the way I’d created my table of contents.

Back to the guidelines. Two hours later, I had a table of contents that passed muster and a backache from sitting at the computer.

Overall it’s been an interesting week. Oh yes, my husband and I also bought a boat. Kuan Yin IV now lives with us.

Our new toy

And that’s that.

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20 Responses to A Little Bit of This . . .

  1. Busy girl. With dsylexia, I don’t trust a line of my type so I PAY dearly for a line edit. I’ve yet to upload my own books on any site. Bravery is on your side. Congratulations for the addition to your family. Happy sailing. P.S. I blog every Sunday at 4:00 on my website.

    • Maris Soule says:

      I’ll look for your blog, Rohn. I didn’t need line edits for this book since it had been edited back in ’93 by my Silhouette editor, but I did need a proofreader. Maybe two or three proofreaders.

  2. Joe Novara says:

    Boat looks like fun. Working on my story-a-week blog with a referral from your daughter…passwords and protocols, Aaargh

    • Maris Soule says:

      Joe, I hate having to remember passwords. And they want us to change them often? They have to be kidding. Here’s hoping you get the blog the way you want it.

  3. Melissa Keir says:

    Love the boat! My Father in Law was talking about wanting another sailboat last night at dinner. If you ever need help with files, I love doing that kind of thing, but I avoid Smashwords because they are so tricky! I’m so glad you got it done!

    ps. Love the cover!

    • Maris Soule says:

      Thanks, Melissa. This boat has a very interesting history. I’ll have to blog about it some day. The original owner was 83 when she had the boat specially designed to her specs. From what I’ve read, I want to be like her when I grow up.

  4. Yes, the frustration of suddenly being able to see what was there all the time. But you got a lot done in a week and you can celebrate on a boat!

  5. susan payne says:

    I have gone through all my manuscripts – again. So one would think the third or fifth time was the trick. I find new things each time and I always change words or sentences to ‘clear’ up the message. I don’t think they’ll ever be finished. great legacy to leave my children – 75 books to publish. love to all

    • Maris Soule says:

      You’re right, Susan, we writers always find something we wish we’d said better or a missed comma, missing quote mark, and so on. At least with e-publishing, if the error is a big one, we can republish the ms. Can’t do that (easily) with a print book.

  6. Maris,

    It’s frustrating but I often find errors when I return to a manuscript, even though I was an English teacher and good at grammar. That’s why good editors are so valuable!

    • Maris Soule says:

      And even good editors miss things, Jacqueline. As I said, some times we see what we think we should see. As we read the sentence, our brain automatically knows what the next word would be, so even though there might be a typo (transposed letters) our eyes won’t notice.

  7. I’m curious to know what “Sponsored” means in relation to the books not yours on your list. Amazon has put up an ad featuring my forthcoming book “Miss Royal’s Mules” on Facebook, the word ‘Sponsored’ above. Amazon sponsored it? — it’s been up 3 days. Something or someone else? I’m puzzled. (I’m a recent first-timer on FB so not aware if this is something that occurs regularly.) Thanks!

    • Maris Soule says:

      Irene, did you pay for an ad? If so, I think that’s what Amazon is saying. I don’t really know the answer. Maybe it’s something I should check out and write about in a blog.

      • I didn’t pay for anything, I’ll have to ask my publisher if they paid for the ad. It was a surprise, and still showing this evening, next to a novel by, I believe, Sandra Dallas.The ad had a share tab and I did share it to my FB timeline.

        • Maris Soule says:

          Thanks for the additional information, Irene. There’s so much I don’t know about Amazon and how they promote. This will be interesting to investigate.

  8. Bonnie Alkema says:

    Hi Maris, sounds like one of those weeks! You deserved a new boat after that. I’m intrigued by the name. Did it come with the name. I think it should be in one of your next books. Will you be heading off somewhere in it soon? Do you ever just spend the night with it docked at home? Oh I definitely think you could weave a story around it.

    • Maris Soule says:

      Bonnie, look up, Kuan Yin (Google it), I think you’ll find the information interesting. The name came with the boat, along with a small statue. We won’t change the name. There’s a lot of interesting information associated with this boat. I’ll tell you more when I have learned more.

  9. Anne Vandermolen says:

    Your blogs are always fun! I read them weekly!