W is for Walking


I’m not a person who enjoys participating in sports. I loved riding horses, but I no longer do that. To simply exercise doesn’t excite me, though I do like yoga. Swimming is okay, but I mostly tread water nowadays. And even though I like the idea of water aerobics, the classes are held earlier than my get-up-and-go button, and I definitely have no desire to do laps. All in all, I’m a couch potato, or more accurately a sit-in-front-of-the-computer or an in-a-chair-reading-a-book potato.

I know that’s not good for me, that I need to get up and move, which is why I have a dog. Okay, I also love dogs, and that’s the bigger reason for having one, but a benefit of having a dog, at least for me and where I now live, is I need to walk the dog. At least twice a day my dog demands a walk, and he’s not satisfied with an out-and-back-in-the-door walk. No, he think he should have at least a half hour or more of pee-spot sniffing, squirrel chasing, and other-people-and-dogs-on-the-sidewalk greeting.

Walking the dog has multitude benefits. It gets me out of the chair, out of the condo, and into the fresh air. It helps control my weight. It keeps my muscles from turning to flab. It allows me to see what’s going on in the neighborhood and meet some of my neighbors. And it gives me time to let the Beta waves loose so new ideas can enter my head.

I may be keeping an eye on my dog as I travel along the sidewalk, but in my head my characters are talking, telling me ways to improve the story they’re in, or demanding I write a story that will include them. I get new ideas and rethink ideas I did have. Being outdoors, breathing fresh air, and moving my body helps me be a better writer.

I wonder if the IRS will accept walking shoes as a business expense?

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