How Do You Start?

I would like to start by thanking everyone who visited the various blogs that hosted me during my Eat Crow and Die Blog Tour. And congratulations to Patrick Siu who won the gift card. How do you start? That was the question asked by a new member at a writers’ group … Continue reading

When Do You Write?

“When do you write?” I think all writers have been asked this question. I’m not quite sure why. Is the person asking looking for ideas as to when s/he can find time to write? Are they asking so they can mentally have an excuse as to why they don’t have … Continue reading

Writer’s Block

I’ve often heard that surgeons don’t have surgeon’s block, so writers shouldn’t have writer’s block. I think I’ve even quoted that. But now that I’m suffering (that’s probably not the right word to use since what I’m going through doesn’t really equal suffering) from writer’s block, I’m rethinking the analogy. … Continue reading