P is for Persistence

There are a lot of fantastic writers who will never be published. A lot of wonderful stories that will never be available to read. Why? Because the writer gives up, doesn’t persist. One negative comment, a few rejections, a bad review, and the writer is finished. Even the writers who … Continue reading

Who’s the Boss?

One of the neat things about being a writer is basically you’re the boss. You can set your own hours, decide what you’re going to work on, and plan how you want the project (story) to turn out.     One of the worst things about being a writer is … Continue reading

Teaching Writers

This month I’m teaching a continuing education class for writers who want their work published. I say teach, but I’m really more of a guide. I see my job as two-fold: one part is to warn these writers of the ways they can be taken by unscrupulous agents and publishers; … Continue reading