Confession of an Inefficient Writer

I know I should either create an outline and then write the story, or start writing and simply let the story flow, writing from beginning to end without editing along the way. One way or the other would be efficient…but that’s not how I work, which results in a lot … Continue reading

Are You In Control?

I wouldn’t call myself a control freak, but I like to know what’s going to happen next: I plan ahead. keep lists, write appointments and events on a calendar that I check often, and I would rather “do it myself” than delegate jobs. Whenever I hear or read advice on … Continue reading

Plot or Characters?

I’ll admit, I’m more plot driven than character driven, but I learned early on that it doesn’t matter how good a plot might be if the readers don’t care about the characters, that book isn’t one they’ll remember or maybe even finish reading. And if I manipulate my characters so … Continue reading