• Writing Retreat

    Retreat Aftermath

    Last week I wrote about going to a writers’ retreat. (Retreat from Harsh Reality.) Well, I’m back, energized, and ready to write. Christie Craig is a wonderful speaker. First of all, she has roots in Alabama and lives in Texas, which means she has a way of talking and an accent that I could listen to for hours. In addition to her voice, she’s funny, informative, and inspiring. Friday evening she entertained us with humorous stories, many of them personal. It’s easy to see why her books are known for their humor. Saturday she talked about Building Characters, how a character’s weaknesses are as important in a story as his…

  • Retreat From Harsh Reality 2016

    I will be at the Mid-Michigan RWA Chapter’s RETREAT FROM HARSH REALITY 2016. ( http://www.retreatfromharshreality.com/ ) Retreat will be held at the Bay Pointe Inn on Gun Lake, 11456 Marsh Road, Shelbyville, Michigan. Christie Craig will be the guest speaker during the weekend.

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    A Cure for the Dumps

    Friday I’m heading for the Bay Pointe Inn on the banks of Michigan’s beautiful Gun Lake. My husband grew up in this area, so over the years we’ve often visited Gun Lake. We used to drive up for Sunday brunch at the original Bay Pointe Inn, before they tore it down and built the new conference center. (I often wonder what happened to the ghost of the little girl who “haunted” the restaurant. Is she still around?) My visit this weekend is so I can participate in the Mid-Michigan RWA┬« Chapter’s annual Retreat from Harsh Reality. I need a retreat. I’ve been feeling depressed about my writing and my sales.…