Finding Time

It’s Wednesday night and I’m just now writing my blog. In three days I leave on a 5-day cruise, I need to pack, I need to get revisions off to my editor, I need to clean house and prepare food since I’m having guests over to dinner tomorrow night, I need to contact my tax person and make sure she knows I’m sending her some papers, I need to . . .



Some days I feel like I’m meeting myself coming and going. But I’m not alone. Movies usually show writers sitting at a desk writing, or signing copies of their books at book stores, or giving talks. They rarely show how most writers (especially female writers) have to squeeze in all of the aspects of their daily lives and still find time to be creative. I remember when I started writing and my children were preschoolers. My writing time started after they went to bed. (Back then my husband worked second shift, so I usually had at least three uninterrupted hours before he came home.) I wrote during nap time, and any time I could find a few minutes to myself.

Once my two started school it was write late into the night (or early morning) and be up early the next morning to get everyone ready for school. I’m now retired, my husband’s retired, our kids have their own lives and children, I should have plenty of time to write. So why don’t I?

I keep thinking I will sit at my desk and work steadily, but then I keep hearing how bad it is for a person to sit for long hours, that we need to make sure we get up at regular intervals, stay active, walk, do aerobics, keep our minds exercised, do crossword puzzles, read, be social. Yikes, I’ve run out of time again. (Please note, I did not include dusting, vacuuming, or window washing.)

I know what I should do, and there are days when I do it—that is, set time aside for writing. Make it first on my list. So right after my yoga class tomorrow morning, you will find me here at my computer, working on those revisions. I will stop sometime in the afternoon and make sure the food is prepared and the table set, but my guests will just have to ignore that dust on the TV and the lint on the carpet. The manuscript will be ready and sent before I leave on that cruise.

At least, I hope it will be.RC ship

Have a nice week everyone. There will be no blog next week. I’ll be busy lying in the sun sipping a margarita.

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5 Responses to Finding Time

  1. You certainly nailed it, Maris. Where does the time go? Have a great, well, TIME, on your cruise!

  2. I can relate. Here’s my issues:
    1) When you get older things take long to do. Older you get, the longer things take.
    2) I still tend to put everyone else first be it Hubby, family, critique partners, etc. I know I shouldn’t do that. I must make myself a priority.
    3) Deadlines do make a difference.
    4) Face the fact that your can’t do it all. I cook, do laundry, and write. Cleaning is the last thing I worry about. A little dust and lint on the carpet never heart anyone. I don’t iron anymore, or use table linens, change bed less often, etc. If you spread things out it helps.

    Have a great time on your cruise.

  3. Melissa Keir says:

    I’m horrible about putting myself first. Enjoy your cruise and have a fun time!