Doing Something Different

I’m always trying something different, sometimes because of outside changes (lose a publisher or hear about a new publishing opportunity), and sometimes for variety (write sexy romances, sweet romances,  romantic suspense, straight suspense and thriller). Back in the mid ‘90s, my Silhouette editor told me about a new line that was being created. The idea was you often have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find Prince Charming.

I liked the idea and that led to HEIRESS SEEKING PERFECT HUSBAND.

Last year I put that book out as an e-book with Amazon and tried their Select program. That was new for me. Being in the program limited me to only using Amazon to distribute the book, and I had to stay in the program for 90 days. If I didn’t say anything, it would automatically renew for another 90 days, and on and on. I could only pull the book out of that particular program at the end of a 90 day period.

Well, I sold a few books, but not a lot. More my fault than Amazon. I was busy getting ready to promote ECHOES OF TERROR. Finally, I decided to pull HEIRESS from the Select Plan and last month, in addition to Amazon, I made it available on Nook, and all of the other e-book sellers.

To let everyone know about the book, I’ve decided to put it on sale at .99 cents for just one week (September 4th – 9th).


This week I’m also appearing on several blogs. I started on Monday by appearing at  M.J. Schiller, Romance AuthorAuthors’ Cafe  and Books, Dreams, Life. Tuesday I was at  Reader’s Edyn. Today, besides this blog, I’m at Creative Hodgepodge and tomorrow I’ll be at Diane Burton: adventure & romance and Serious Whimsy with Jolana Malkston. Friday I’ll be at Melissa Keir and Loren E. Pryce. And, finally, Saturday, September 9th, I’ll be at What Readers Want and Romance Me .

If you go to one of those blogs and sign up for my newsletter, your name will be entered in a drawing. I’m giving away two (2) $10.00 Amazon gift cards.

I don’t know about you, but when I was dating, I went out with a several men who certainly didn’t turn into Prince Charming. While writing HEIRESS SEEKING PERFECT HUSBAND, I had fun creating a few less than perfect dates for Shannon Powell as well as putting her chauffeur (?) in difficult situations. 

Do visit some of those guest blogs and enter to win a gift card. Or better yet, buy a copy while its just .99 cents.

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12 Responses to Doing Something Different

  1. Trying something new always leads to discoveries and growth as a writer. I don’t write romance but I do explore other cultures.

  2. Trying new things keeps us fresh as writers. I like how flexible you are, Maris. Recently, I rewrote the opening of a book I’m working on in first person instead of third. I’ve never written a novel in first person, and I like the immediacy of it and the deep POV. Wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t tried something new.

    • Maris Soule says:

      My P.J. Benson Mysteries (the Crow books) were my first venture into writing in first person. Using that POV is limiting, but way more personal. I love it.

  3. Always good to try new ways to get our work out there to be read.! Congrats.

  4. Melissa Keir says:

    We can only learn by trying! I wish you many sales!

  5. Lucy Kubash says:

    I guess by challenging ourselves to try something different is how we grow as writers. I think I’ve been challenging myself lately, to stretch and go beyond what I was used to writing. We’ll see how it goes. Love the new cover for your book!

    • Maris Soule says:

      Thanks, Lucy. Getting out of our comfort zone is always difficult, but you’re right, it does help us grow. Every time I try something new, I either learn what doesn’t work or what does, and that in itself is great.

  6. I guess I’m always trying new things, Maris. I recently reactivated my blog, I’ve added a lot of stuff to my newsletter like doing Newsletter Swaps, giveaways, etc. I’ve been trying various promo opportunities that don’t cost or is minimal cost. Also, I’ve been in a six month writer’s block. I decided to break it simply by writing a new book. I have 7-8 stories in various stages of edits, but I just couldn’t make myself sit down and edit/rewrite them. Writing a new story was kind of fun and has helped a lot as far as getting my mojo back…..

    • Maris Soule says:

      Wow, Connie, I’m impressed. You put my recent efforts to shame. Good for you. I hope this all pays off…and I’m glad to hear you have your mojo back.