Charmaine Gordon Interview

Please welcome Charmaine Gordon, a writer of many talents. (Read more to learn what those talents are.)

Charmaine has just released Charlie’s Family Secrets, an “Omnibus Edition” of three of her novels: Reconstructing Charlie, Sin of Omission, and The Catch.

Reconstructing Charlie

Charlie Costigan has a secret. Home life goes from bad to worse when she protects her mother from another vicious attack by her drunken father. Midnight. Clothes thrown into an old suitcase, she races for the bus with a letter to an unknown aunt and uncle. “This is my daughter. Embrace her as if she were your own.” Determined, Charlie begins again. Alone with her secret.

Sin of Omission

A twist of fate intervenes when Shelley keeps a secret that threatens to break apart the Costigans and her future. A mysterious client, Deanna Rose, enters Haven, victim of a savage beating under strange circumstances. Shelley investigates and finds Ms. Rose has an unsavory past. With the reputation and safety of Haven at stake, Shelley is at risk to lose everything and everyone she cares about.

The Catch

Tom Donnelly, once known as The Catch—every woman’s dream guy—has fallen down every rung of the ladder he once worked so hard to climb. On New Year’s Day, he realizes just how far he’s fallen, and makes a list of resolutions to change his life. He vows to regain the trust lost from his family, his law firm, and his friends—and maybe even find the right woman this time.

That’s a bit about the stories,
ut now let me tell you about the author

Charmaine Gordon

Charmaine Gordon, after years as wife of an air force pilot and a mother, became an actress. She had roles in “One Life to Live,” “All My Children,” and Another World.” (She also had the pleasure of singing happy birthday to Melanie Griffith in the movie Working Girl, sharing a hotdog with Harrison Ford during the break; lunch with Anthony “call-me-Tony Hopkins” in another month-long movie, and appearing in Harry Met Sally, where the whole cast sang with Carrie Fisher when Rob Reiner, director, asked her to sing.)

During the run of an Off-Broadway play, “The Fourth Commandment,” her voice failed, ending her acting career. But she had an idea for a story that wouldn’t let go. All the scripts she’d read and stage directions she’d received helped her with her first story, and good fortune struck when Vanilla Heart Publishing offered her a contract for To Be Continued. She’s been with them every since.

Of course, I had some questions for Charmaine

Maris: Charmaine what triggered the ideas for the three books in this Omnibus edition.

Charmaine: The first book is Reconstructing Charlie. I sleep-write, you see, and when I wake, I begin to write. The girl in this book Charlie Costigan; lives in Minnesota. Now, all my children are grown, so why in the world would I write a story about a fifteen-year-old girl from a state I’d never visited, beats me!

 I cried a lot while writing Charlie’s story, watching her grow up with the intention of staying pure until she finds the right man. This story was personal and fun at the same time. Years later, I reread her story, and I’m proud of my effort.

Maris: What advice would you have for new writers?

Charmaine: That good things happen when you put blinders on and focus. No matter your age or circumstance, set attainable goals and go after them.

Maris: How can readers contact you?

Charmaine: They can visit my website  Web Page
or find me at:  Facebook Page

Maris: Where can readers find your book?

Charmaine: They can go to  Amazon  or  Barnes and Noble

Maris: Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Charmaine: Yes, I have a video out of Charlie’s Family Secrets. Take a look.

Charlie’s Family Secrets Sneak Peek Video

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14 Responses to Charmaine Gordon Interview

  1. Thank you, new friend Maris, for making me feel so comfortable visiting with you.

  2. Congrats on your writing career as well as your acting career. You have a fascinating life story and should write a memoir as well. Best wishes.

  3. Melissa Keir says:

    Wonderful to get to know more about Charmaine. She’s such a wonderful person!

  4. Diane Burton says:

    What an exciting career you’ve had, Charmaine…and continue to have. Best wishes with your new release.

  5. What fun to see your name here, Diane. Thanks for stopping by and may we all have exciting releases.

  6. Diane Bonita says:

    Hello my dear friend. You are full of beauty inside and out and your life full of wonderful, inspiring adventures. Your beautiful stories enlighten and entertain us. We await YOUR memoir as it is sure to be a winner.

    • Diane, your therapy dog
      Cooper,helped to save my life last summer. I yearn for another visit.You will enjoy the omnibus of 3 good books- a series to love. Charlie’s Family Secrets. Not the average family. Amazon kindle

  7. Paul Gordon says:

    a great trilogy from a wonderful storyteller!!!! 🙂

    • Hi from my best friend and camaraderie, Paul. My son, my love who wrote a dynamic story about me in the Huffington Post. Happiest Festival coming soon in Copenhagen

  8. Lucy Kubash says:

    Nice getting to know you and your books, Charmaine. I like your comment to “put on blinders and focus.” Good advice for all us writers. Wishing you much success with your books; they sound very interesting.

  9. Hi Lucy–wishing you the best of success in your career. Keep those blinders on and focus. The sun is shining in New York beckoning this writer to write outside. And I will, sunhat and all.