How Much Does It Cost?

I was at the Portage District Library last Thursday talking with a group of writers and one woman asked how much it cost to publish an ebook. I had to give the unsatisfying answer of “It depends.” I decided that would be a good topic for a blog, especially since Friday … Continue reading

Writing Short Stories

The last Killer Nashville Conference session I want to summarize was on Short Stories, ranging from Flash Fiction (which might be anything from a few words up to 1000) to short stories that are nearly novellas. The panelists for this session were: Ray Anderson, Kay Elam, Robert Mangeot, Carolyn McSparren, … Continue reading

Using Short Stories and Articles to Promote Your Novel

During the Killer Nashville Conference I attended, there were two sessions on short stories. The Friday session was titled: “Using Short Stories and Articles to Promote Your Novel.” Since I have two short stories I’ve been working on that are connected to novels I have had published, I was eager … Continue reading