Why Write a Book?

Recently someone said to me, “I think I’ll write a book. So, what do I need to do?” The answer, of course, is simple–Sit down and write it. But they usually want more than that. They want to know “How do I get an agent?” or “What’s the easiest way to … Continue reading

Are You a Writer or a Promoter?

Last week I received my Authors Guild Fall 2015 Bulletin. In it one article echoed the feelings I’ve had this year. Roxana Robinson, AG President, wrote “Should Writers Be Performers?” Her point, which I feel is true, is that over the years publishing houses, large and small, in order to … Continue reading


I found it interesting that I recently received a contract from Five Star Publishing (FiveStar/Gale/Cengage) that had specific information about copyrighting my book and, at almost the same time, received an email from the Authors’ Guild that discussed the topic of copyright. A lot of times new writers are so afraid … Continue reading