Social Media Burnout

On one of the on-line groups I belong to the discussion has been about blogs (Are they worth the time and effort? Do they help sales?), and commenting on blogs. (Are you being rude if you don’t comment or does it matter?) The topic has also included other social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Goodreads). With Goodreads, the question has been if giveaways actually result in reviews or sales?

I’ve just come off two Blog Tours arranged by my virtual assistant, Florence Price. Because I have two mystery/suspense novels out this summer, Florence set up a series of blogs, interviews, and features along with a gift card giveaway for each book’s tour.

At first it was fun. I had interview questions to answer, actual guest blogs to write, and a chance to pick a couple scenes from each book that would be featured. I also received a couple reviews for each of the books.

After the first week, the whole process became a drag and an embarrassment. I was posting announcements on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and to friends. “I’m at so-and-so’s blog today, talking about A Killer Past.” Or, “Eat Crow and Die is being featured on A-Great-Blog today.” Some days there would be three blogs that I’d written or that featured one of the books. Other days two.

I know advertisers say you have to keep putting the message out and sooner or later the viewer will remember the product, but is that true or do the viewers just tune out? I know how I would react to so many posts trying to get me to go to this or that blog. I would ignore them.

Today I’m feeling burnout. I don’t want to do any more advertising. No more blogs. (Except I think I am scheduled for one the end of this month.) No more “Buy My Book” presentations. (Except I think I’m scheduled to be at a library in September.) No more promotion. (Except I think I just agreed to do something in October.)

Oh well, maybe I just need a short break. Time to actually do some writing.

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6 Responses to Social Media Burnout

  1. Diane Burton says:

    I’m just starting my promo for my latest. While I’m excited, I can easily see how tedious it can become. I hope all the blog visits, etc. produced some results. I’m about to embark on 2 straight weeks of blog tours for 2 books. Yikes.

    • Maris Soule says:

      Diane, I really appreciated being on your blog with the two books. Maybe I simply didn’t promote the tour properly. Maybe I should have announced where I would be during the week just once and left it at that. Then I wouldn’t have felt as though I was bombarding everyone with my daily posts of “Look at me.” Also I’ve been promoting these two books for 6 months. You’re just starting your promotion. I think it will be better for you.

  2. Maris, I’m beginning to think nobody knows the impact of the promotion we do. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure not doing any promotion won’t help sales either, so….??

    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done so far, although I am starting to feel the pressure of trying to find time to write. I suppose I’ll have to taper off with the promotion soon and hope what I’ve done has had some impact on finding an audience for the book.

    • Maris Soule says:

      I’ve been following the promotion you’ve been doing. I didn’t know about you before and now I do, so it’s helped in that sense. I just think I let it go on too long. I’m learning. For me, it’s now time for a vacation from promotion.

  3. ann bennett says:

    My “to be read” stack is quite big. I do think repetitive viewing of a book has been a selling factor for me.

    One weakness of a blog tour is that many bloggers have a book written or aspire to write one. It is a group of people who like to read but have a limit of time to read. Add to that the explosion of books available due to self publishing.

    Social media is a mixed bag. You can live your life or your life is spent posting, reading and responding. I keep up with a few blogs and scan my Facebook feed to keep up with the new cat videos. lol

    • Maris Soule says:

      Ann, you are so right about social media being a mixed bag. Lately I’ve spent way too much time participating and then reading other blogs (mostly because I felt I needed to if I was asking others to read mine). It’s not easy to back off from that habit, but I must. However, I also love the cat videos…and pictures of dogs, specifically Rhodesian Ridgebacks.