Lyon’s Pride

Lyon’s Pride
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Length: 183 pages
ISBN: 0373089309

Poor Greg Lyon. He can’t tell Amy Fraser, the country doctor taking care of him while his broken ankle heals, that he’s the cartoonist who’s been drawing and publishing tirades against doctors, not while he’s confined to her house. To make matters worse, he’s starting to like this woman, even if she is a doctor. In fact, he’s starting to think not all doctors are terrible. But what is she going to do when she finds out who he is?

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About the Book

For years the syndicated cartoon, Lyon’s Pride, made people laugh, but when its creator, Greg Lyon, starts lampooning doctors, newspapers threaten to stop publishing the cartoon. Greg decides he needs a break, never expecting his walk from New York to California will land him in a small town in southern Indiana. Rescued from a rain storm, his ankle broken from a fall, he’s taken to Dr. Amy Fraser’s home office clinic and ends up staying in her house. Greg knows he can’t reveal he’s the creator of the cartoons she finds so offensive, and he’s confused by his attraction to this physically scarred country doctor. Is she for real? Amy Fraser cares more about people than money, and her patients love her. She’s certainly not like any of the doctors he’s known. And, Amy is equally confused. Can this man really be attracted to her, in spite of her limp and scarred face? Why can’t she simply think of him as a patient? Why does her heart skip a beat every time she sees him?

About the Author
Maris Soule

Maris Soule

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