Destiny Unknown

Destiny Unknown
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tags: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 181 Pages

Bernadette Sanders is a woman who needs to be in control, and for the next six weeks she'll be running her brother-in-law's two major department stores.

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About the Book

Bernadette Sanders is a woman who needs to be in control, and for the next six weeks she’ll be running her brother-in-law’s two major department stores. She has the experience; it should be no problem. But within a day, things start going wrong. There’s defective merchandise, cancelled orders, a messed up ad, and a bank account she knows she didn’t open. And, as if her life isn’t already going crazy, her sister’s dog—which Bern promised she’d take good care of—eats one of the defective sponges.

At the veterinarian’s office she runs into Cody Taylor. He looks like a bum—albeit a handsome bum—and he loves spontaneity. Bern keeps telling him she’s not interested, yet the man does excite her. Cody wonders why he can’t stay away from her. He knows she’s not the enchanted princess from the fairy tale his sister used to tell him, but Bernadette does seem to need to be rescued.

Cody’s persistence threatens Bernadette’s need for control. Will she succumb to the chemistry between them? Theirs is a destiny unknown.

About the Author
Maris Soule

Maris Soule

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