Baby Names

My daughter is visiting this week so my writing will be on hold, but I wanted to thank all of the people who sent suggestions to help me name P.J.’s and Wade’s baby. I received more than 35 possibilities, 32 of those were from one person. Thank you Donna Swanson Johnson, you gave me a marvelous variety to choose from, and I finally did choose.

Excerpt from 4th Crow book (as of yet, unnamed)

I nodded. “She said we need to keep Jason involved in the process so he feels a part of it, which is why we let him come up with the name for the baby. Thank goodness he came up with one I liked.”

“Paige. Right?” Connie said.

“Paige Joy.” I still had to smile, remembering Jason’s enthusiasm for the name. “Turns out there’s a girl in his class that he really likes . . . and her name is Paige. Joy is Wade’s mother’s name.”

“Paige Joy,” Connie repeated and chuckled. “Another P.J. It’s perfect.”

Donna, I’ll be contacting you soon regarding a thank you gift for your help

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