Do You Give Reviews?

Writers need and want reviews of their books, not just for their egos, but to help with sales. We know family and friends will probably buy our books (At least, we hope they will), but to sell beyond that group of people we need to interest readers who don’t know … Continue reading

Marketing: Killer Nashville Sessions

I attended two sessions during the Killer Nashville Conference that dealt with marketing. On Friday afternoon Kay Kendall, Debi King McMartin, Anne Marie Stoddard, Julie Schoerke, and Jerri Ledford discussed “The Do-It-Yourself Publicist.” Later that day Claire Applewhite, Darryl Bolinger, Ray Peden, Nancy Sartor, Maryglenn McCombs, and Stacy Allen discussed … Continue reading

Getting Reviews

Last week I talked about how much I hate having to give reviews because even if I dislike a book someone else might love it. As a writer, I’m really facing a dichotomy. One of the top ways books are sold is through word-of-mouth, and if we take word-of-mouth one … Continue reading

To Market, To Market

I love writing. Sometimes the words and ideas flow. Other times, I feel as though I’m dragging them out of my head. But after a while I have a rough draft, then I edit and edit and edit until I feel the story is ready to go public. I query, … Continue reading