Are Blogs Passé?

Are blogs passé? I’ve heard blogging is no longer considered an effective use of social media. I don’t know what has replaced blogging, but I have noticed a drop in hits on my blogs. But maybe that’s because I’m running out of new things to say. I’ve focused on writing … Continue reading

Social Media Burnout

On one of the on-line groups I belong to the discussion has been about blogs (Are they worth the time and effort? Do they help sales?), and commenting on blogs. (Are you being rude if you don’t comment or does it matter?) The topic has also included other social media … Continue reading

K is for K.I.S.S.

Keep it Simple S***. (Here you can put Stupid or Sister or Son or whatever word that would start with S and fit.) I remember hearing K.I.S.S. way back when I started writing. It fits with query letters. A query that sticks to the basics (is kept simple) works best. … Continue reading