G is for Groups

I’m a groupaholic. If there’s a group out there—physically or on-line—I join. Well, maybe not all groups, but if it’s a gathering of writers that even remotely write or talk about what I write, chances are I’m a member. This is good and bad. I learn from others, enjoy the … Continue reading

F is for Fear

I’m constantly amazed when I hear writers whom I consider highly successful express their fears. Fear that they’ll never write another book as great as the one that won an award, or made the NY Times list, or just sold a million/trillion copies. Fear that they’ll be dropped by their … Continue reading

E is for Ebooks

Back at the turn of the century (the 1900s to the 2000s) I often said, “If they get the cost of the readers down, e-books are going to take off.” I don’t know if anyone listened to me. Others, obviously, had the same thought. The readers didn’t really get cheaper, … Continue reading

D is for Dog

“Don’t kill the dog.” When I first started writing romances, I took a story I’d been working on to a writers’ meeting and read a portion. In that section, I had a dog die. Oh, my. The reaction was immediate and unanimous. “Don’t kill the dog.” I obviously changed that … Continue reading

B is for Borrowing

Today’s blog, to continue the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, will be about borrowing: borrowing ideas, borrowing styles of writing, borrowing ways to describe a scene. Borrowing, not copying. Let’s face it, we all borrow. They say there are no new plots. (How many is debated.) Whatever we come up with has … Continue reading

A is for Another

I have accepted the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be posting a blog, starting with A today, April 1st, and ending with Z on April 30th. Other writers have accepted the challenge. I hope you’ll visit a few of those blogs, too. Now, for A.  When … Continue reading

Haunted Blog Hop

Welcome – From October 27th to October 31st, I’ll be participating in Nancy Gideon’s Haunted Open House Giveaway Blog Hop as part of Nancy’s 4th Annual Haunted Open House! Stop by Nancy’s Haunted Open House to read Halloween posts by some awesome authors, wander into the spooky Game Room or sample some … Continue reading

My Guest, Elizabeth Meyette, Talks About a Ghost

Elizabeth Meyette and I decided to trade blogs this week. She’s posting on mine, and I’m on hers Elizabeth Meyette. We’re both talking about books we’ve written (and have available) that are perfect reading for the Halloween season. Here’s Elizabeth’s explanation on how she came to write The Cavanaugh House, … Continue reading

Sisters in Crime September Blog Hop

I’ve been tagged by Terry Odell to participate in the Sisters in Crime Blog Hop (#SinCBlogHop). The rules are simple. I’m to choose one or more questions that were posted on the SinC Website and write the answer(s) in a blog. I can then tag someone else to continue this blog hop (or … Continue reading

Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop

Summer is coming to an end. Although I love seeing the leaves change colors, I will miss the warm weather (at least until I head for Florida), swimming, sailing, and all of the fun things that go along with summer. On the other hand, Fall is harvest season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, … Continue reading

Block Party 3

Hi Everyone! I had so much fun at the Feature Friday Block Party last week, I’m back again – This week’s party is co-hosted with author M.J. Schiller, and if you’ll be so kind, you can #FF us at @MarisSouthHaven and @MJSchiller. As I said last week, here in Michigan it’s … Continue reading

Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop

Welcome – I’m participating in the Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop hosted by Buy the Book Tours and this week’s co-host, author MJ Schiller! Please be so kind as to #FF me on Twitter W-My handle is @marisSouth Haven. As you can tell from my Twitter handle, I spend … Continue reading